Green Church

St. Anthony Park UCC is a “Green Church”

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As part of our commitment to care for God’s creation and protect the environment, SAPUCC implemented a program to improve recycling and reduce waste.

* Organic materials such as food waste, paper towels, and compostable products are now recycled, reducing our volume of waste.

* Three-stream stations for sorting recyclables, organics, and waste are available in our fellowship areas and kitchens.

* Uniform labeling helps ensure proper sorting and increased recycling of items.

* Although we use dishes whenever possible, if we do use disposable products for serving food, we use compostable products which end up in the organics recycling bin.

Most of the cost for our program was covered through a grant from BizRecycling. We added organic recycling pick up from our trash hauler, and our hauling costs have decreased! Taxes on trash are high, but there are zero taxes on recycling and organics, so when the amount of trash is reduced, hauling costs are reduced.

Minnesota Waste Wise - SAPUCC Success Story
Check out our "success story" in their Spring 2022 newsletter!
MN Waste Wise.pdf (PDF)

"Earth Day" Worship Services


Composting Worm Bins
As a fun and educational tool to help children understand the importance of composting as a way of caring for God's creation, the 2nd-5th grade classroom has a worm composting bin. The worm bin demonstrates an efficient way in which our food waste can be turned into soil rather than ending up in the trash. We tend to these amazing critters through weekly feedings.


Energy efficient windows

Photo of new windows 2.JPG

"Energy star" window unit air conditioners and freezer


First tier energy audit


Cloth bags for visitors


Other "Going Green" practices

+ Bird seed in Easter Eggs for children’s egg hunt

+ Compact Florescent (CFL) bulbs in nave of sanctuary

+ Lights off throughout the building during the week except for staff offices

+ Monthly newsletter sent via PDF E-mail attachment to reduce paper

+ Re-upholstered 3 sofas and 2 chairs rather than buy new furniture

+ Styrofoam free!

+ Sunday School lessons and Adult Forums on environmental stewardship, reducing our carbon footprint, and caring for God's creation

On this page:

 • Learn More About Sorting, Recycling, Organics and Trash

Learn More About Sorting, Recycling, Organics and Trash

Know What to Throw Interactive Sorting Game. This is an educational game that Waste Wise put together where you separate materials into their appropriate trash and recycling receptacle (you can also play with organics if that’s available to you).

Recycling and Organics Training Video. Here’s a recycling training video by Waste Wise. The seven-minute video outlines many of the same helpful tips and information they would provide in an in-person trainings.

This page last modified on March 23, 2022