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Thrivent Choice program

St. Anthony Park UCC is a “Thrivent Choice” organization.

What’s that, you say? Please read on ....

Thrivent Financial (formerly Lutheran Brotherhood) is a Christian fraternal financial services organization. Part of its mandate is for its members to direct Thrivent’s charitable outreach grant funds to churches and other non-profits here in Minnesota and across the U.S.

Are you a Thrivent Member?

If so, you are able to recommend or request that SAPUCC receive “Choice Dollars” through the Thrivent Choice program. This may be done any time of the year. There are no restrictions on how SAPUCC uses these dollars; the money is received electronically into the church’s checking account without any strings attached. And Voila! A new way to support the ministries of SAPUCC.

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click on “Thrivent Choice"

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