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 • Council Officers
 • Boards
 • Committees
 • Annual Reports
 • Service Groups
 • Bylaws
 • Leadership Resources

Council Officers

Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman

Carole Mason Smith

Mark Scott

David Misemer

Council Member-at-Large
JoAnn Arny

Council Member-at-Large
Lois Poser


Board of Christian Education
Adam Avery
Steph Goese*
Diane Klinefelter
Luke Magistad
Robyn Reed

Board of Church Growth
Adam Gordon
Cassie Iverson
Steve Magistad*
Liam Magistad
Jim Snoxell, Chair

Board of Community Life
Don Breneman
Lee Heilman
David Leitzke*
Scott Radtke
Betty Swanson

Board of Deacons
Leslie Amundson
Gena Mitchell
Charlotte Osborn
Claire Radtke
Mike Smith*
Penny Truax

Board of Mission and Witness
John Buschette*
Penny Chally
Ruth Chen
Kimberly Gascoigne
Jason Mitchell, Chair

Board of Stewardship
Ben Gascoigne
Phil Lee
Kathy McIntosh*

Board of Trustees
Cecil Chally
Tom Feinthel
Matt Gauder
Dan Larson, Chair
Betsy Radtke*

* Indicates representative to the Church Council


Leadership Committee
Craig Freeman
Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman
Carole Mason Smith

Personnel Committee
Wendy Berg
Jill Oliveri
Joan Wells

Women’s Fellowship
Gaye Larson*

Delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference UCC
Diane Klinefelter
Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman

Youth Delegate to the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference UCC

Representative to Interfaith Action of Greater St. Paul
David Leitzke

* Indicates representative to the Church Council

Annual Reports

2018 Annual report.pdf (PDF)

Service Groups

Service Groups provide two key ministries: 1) hosting coffee hour and 2) ushering, which includes handing out bulletins, greeting members and visitors, and receiving the offering. Reminder: Ushers stay up front during the Offertory Prayer.

The Captains are responsible for making sure that these Sunday responsibilities are covered by people from their Service Group.

Captain: David Leitzke

Max Bezada & Rachel Kerr
Don Breneman &
Lynne Krehbiel-Breneman
Nancy & Tom Feinthel
Craig & Ellen Freeman
Nancy Fruen
Matt Gauder & Sonja Sponheim
Deb Heuwinkel
Julie Himmelstrup
Ruth Hoffman
Dusty & Elisha Jacobsen
David Leitzke
Jim & Ellen Snoxell

Captain: Beth Magistad

Andy Banks
Pam Barnard
Maja Beckstrom
Wendy Berg
Kathryn Bushley & Carl Whittaker
Becca Emmons
Steph Goese & Brian Stevenson
Ted Bowman & Marge Grahn-Bowman
Beth & Steve Magistad
Betsy & Scott Radtke
Sue Grove & Paul Scherrer
Annette Spencer

Captain: Charlotte Osborn

Al Baxter & Diane Klinefelter
Barb Billington & Mark Scott
Marilyn Benson & Tim Wulling
Ruth Chen
Mary Easter
Ben & Kimberly Gascoigne
Shirley & Ken Gowdy
Lynne Hessler
Mary & Greg Myers
Charlotte Osborn
Barb & Fritz Steimann
Sharon Gowdy Wagener
Victoria Wilgocki & Rick Prescott

Co-Captains: Kathy McIntosh and Leslie Amundson

Leslie Amundson
John Degan
Gail Engstrom & Michael Dai
Dawn Foster-Hartnett & Tom Hartnett
John Habermann
Lee Heilman
Cassie & Amy Iverson
Kathy McIntosh
Jill Oliveri & Ralph Pribble
Robyn Reed
Carole & Mike Smith
Betty Swanson
Penny Truax
Peter Stucki & Heather Vietz

Captain: Shayne Miller

Kay Blair
Penny & Cecil Chally
Adam & Meghan Gordon
Rose Hendrickson
Katie Herman & Ruthann Ryberg
Henry Hormann
Allison & Chris Jacobsen
Janet Johnson
Shayne Miller & Phil Lee
Ellen Longfellow & Dan Buechler
Louise Mullan
Lois & Glenn Poser
Susan & Rudy Schnasse
Sara Schwebs

Captain: Jane Clements

JoAnn & Carl Arny
John Buschette
Jane Clements
Sam Duling
Bruce Evans
Dan & Gaye Larson
Gena & Jason Mitchell
Sara & Mike Quinn
Florence Sprague & David Misemer
Scot Torkelson
Vicki Wunsch


Bylaws revised 2017.pdf (PDF)

Leadership Resources

Leadership - HowToReadTheBudget.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - HowToSubmitExpenses.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - MeetingManagement.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - MeetingMinutes.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - Mentoring.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - SettingAnAgenda.pdf (PDF)
Leadership - Transition.pdf (PDF)

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