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October 22, 2017
"More Than Bread"
Rev. Vicki Wunsch
John 6:24-35
Sermon Audio
October 8, 2017
"Journey To Generosity"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Matthew 22:15-22
Sermon Audio
October 1, 2017
"By What Authority?"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Matthew 21:23-27
Sermon Audio
September 24, 2017
"Out Of The Miry Clay, He Set My Feet Upon A Rock"
Mary Moore Easter
Psalm 40:1-2; Micah 6:6-8
Sermon Audio
September 17, 2017
"The Eight Pillars of Joy, Part 2: Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, Generosity"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Psalm 119:33-37; Colossians 3:12-17
Sermon Audio
September 10, 2017
"Eight Pillars of Joy, Part 1: Perspective, Humility, Humor, Acceptance"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Psalm 119:33-37, Matthew 5:14-16
Sermon Audio
August 20, 2017
"Naming It For What It Is: Vomit"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Matthew 15:10-20
Sermon Audio
August 13, 2017
"From Terror to Worship"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Matthew 14:22-33
Sermon Audio
July 30, 2017
"Unscrambling Parables"
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-53
Sermon Audio
May 24, 2015
"Breathe On Me, Breath of God"
arr. Lowell Prescott
Rick Prescott, tenor
Rev. Victoria Wilgocki, piano
Sermon Audio
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